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Hi 👋 I find the information on electoral regulations, and provide sources which link to the Electoral Commission website. Remember - what I say isn't legal advice. Check the sources before acting on the information I provide.

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Ask me any question - I index everything on the Electoral Commission website

That's a lot of overlapping information on here, so it helps if you're specific. In particular, make it clear whether you're asking about national or local elections. Also let me know which part of the UK you're talking about - England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland - as the advice may differ.

Here are some suggestions:

  • 👉 Do I need to register if I'm a charity distributing leaflets during an election?
  • 👉 Can you explain the different voting systems used in UK elections and referendums?
  • 👉 How much can a candidate spend during the regulated period for the police and crime commissioner election in North Wales?
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